Monday, October 13, 2008

Heading for the Hills

Steven just about killed me in his czardas outfit. With his Sigg water bottle, puffy nylon booties, and backpack added to the fur hat, collar and overcoat of the costume, he looked like he was heading out for a hike in the Swiss Alps. Or maybe like a Sherpa leading a trek up into the Himalayas.

Of course, he shed the accessories before we did the czardas dance yesterday. We had a great time stomping around and being Hungarian aristocracy together!

And so the first two of five performances wraps up. Everyone is taking a day off today after an intense week. I think I can make a safe generalization in saying that for most of us, today involved laundry, grocery shopping, sleep, and maybe a massage. (Mine also included a trip to the podiatrist for some toe repairs). Tomorrow we head back to the studio for class and rehearsals for some new casts that haven't performed yet. Wednesday we'll rehearse the student performance we'll do on Thursday, and then three more regular performances on Friday and Saturday.

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  1. Gavin,

    I was at opening night and was completely blown away with everyone's performance. It seems like just when I think you all are amazing you surprise me with even more beautiful surprises in each new performance. If only my budget was large enough that I could buy season tickets to literally all the shows rather than just season tickets to each new performance (meaning 1 fall, winter etc). Oh to win the lottery. :)

    I was thrilled to see you out dancing as well Gavin. I have missed you performing and it's wonderful to see your grace out there. Hopefully all is well with your ankle now.

    One of the things that I always enjoy about OBT is not just the physical performance (which is stellar) but seeing the expressions on the dancers faces. I have tickets for second row and I can always see the makeup, the concentration, the expressions of most of the dancers. Seeing the differences in Yuka's character where she's graceful and beautiful as Odette and then transforms into the devilish Odile in an instant is amazing... or the different emotions that Ronnie shows when he's in love with Odette and then sad at the end - it all shows how much effort you all put into your work and how well choreographed the performances are. I'm sorry if I'm not quite as eloquent as the reviewer for the Oregonian, but hopefully you see my points. Going to see OBT takes me out of the frustrations and headaches of my every day life and transports me into a magical world of pure bliss and beauty. Thank you (personally and to OBT) for such a wonderful night. Please pass on my accolades to the rest of the performers of OBT. I look forward to seeing the Nutcracker this year and the rest of the performances.