Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting REALLY Close

Tonight is dress rehearsal, the final runthrough before we open. Last night we did a dress as well, with orchestra (a rare luxury is having more than one rehearsal with the orchestra), which went quite well, considering all the potential pitfalls. Tonight there will be a small audience, which adds a feeling of "showtime". We generally treat the final dress pretty much like a show-- no stops unless there's a major problem, full makeup, hair, costumes, and of course, feeling.

My personal story here is coming to a full circle of completion with opening night tomorrow, since this blog began as I was beginning my journey back from ankle surgery last March. It's amazing to me that I'm at this place now, all of a sudden, and it's incredibly wonderful to be back on stage. Fortunately, any nerves or worries I might have are being overshadowed by a nasty bruised and ingrown toenail that is preoccupying my brain!

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