Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer update

The OBT bloggers have been asked to keep the community updated on our summer musings, even if they have little to do with ballet. So, here's a picture keeping you updated on my summer status.
In between teaching dance and visiting my family back in Nebraska, I've been working on my golf swing. I taught for two studios in the Omaha area owned by women that I formerly danced with. I taught Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced levels in ballet. Though I didn't dance much myself in Omaha, teaching was a nice way to still have a place to come a few times a week and stay connected to dance. And also to have an outlet, other than my living room, where I could point my feet and stretch myself and vaguely remember what it feels like to dance everyday. While I am trying to take advantage of the rest on vacation, I am eagerly anticipating our 20th anniversary season and returning to Portland.


  1. Golf is such a simple game... You show good form in the picture and hait some excellent shots while you were home. It was great having you home for summer. These two proud parents in Omaha also look forward to OBT's anniversary! M and W Fry

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