Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bastille Day

I've always wanted to partake of the Bastille Day festivities but somehow have missed out every summer-- until now! A small group of OBT dancers performed yesterday at Jameson Square as part of the Alliance Francais' annual Bastille Day celebration. We were in the lineup of day-long entertainment which included music, the famous waiters' race, and a mini "tour de France". Leta, Olga, and Brent performed a short minuet in the style of traditional French court dances, Steven and I did an excerpt from Christopher's ballet Zais, and Candace and Lucas danced a beautiful duet from a ballet by Paul Destrooper.

I think the event was a big success. It was a gorgeous day to dance outside, we drew a large crowd, and I think we all had some fun as well. I wouldn't want to make a habit out of dancing on concrete, but we all survived!

Here are Candace and Lucas performing:

And the crew takes a lunch break in between shows (Mia, who is a hostess at Fenouil, graciously arranged a large table for us and made sure we were well taken care of. Thank you, Mia!):

Singing the Marseillese--- David and Eileen Threefoot, Lucas' parents, were there to cheer us on and actually knew the words to the French national anthem!

Olga, Steven, Lucas, and Candace in our "dressing room":

A big huge thanks to everyone who came out to support us!


  1. I'd agree that it was a success! The crowd really liked both presentations.

    Thanks to the dancers for donating their time and energy (dancing on cobblestones on a "reverse rake"!), and big congratulations to Candace for putting the whole thing together!

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