Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

Hello all ballet lovers...

I hope many of you have been to the ballet and seen the amazing show we've been working so hard on... As we embark on our second and final weekend of performances there will be new faces on stage dancing different roles... Friday night Yuka and Kathy will swap lead roles as Kathy and Ronnie take on the insanely hard Ash, and Yuka and Adrian lift your spirits in Lamberana... Mean while I have the daunting task of stepping into Gavin's shoes and dancing the Tiger Pas in Lamberana with Brennan... As a new company member trying to follow such the incredibly inspiring performance that Gavin consistently gives seems almost impossible, but I can assure you that Brennan and I will give everything we have and do our best to bring you to your feet...

Christopher's Rite of Spring has come together and become the hidden gem of the program... The audience has been loving it!! Anne has been owning the stage with her intense, sharp, bug like movements... She and Adrian have by far been the rock stars of the performances... Although Grace and the oh so shirtless Artur have been holding their own as they share the spotlight... So if you haven't seen the show then get a move on!

Hope to see you all at the ballet!!
This is one you cannot miss :)


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