Monday, December 22, 2008

Well, we're still here! Amazingly, we've been able to put together a full cast every day, for every show, since this unbelievable winter weather started. Here are some "highlights" of the past few days:

We're having contests before every show to guess how many people are in the audience. The winner gets their pick of OBT logo-gear. (sorry, the contest is limited to OBT dancers, staff, and crew!)

We've organized ride shares and group pickup-dropoffs to get stranded dancers and crew to the theater and home again.

The company had 30 pizzas delivered to the stage door on Sunday in between shows so no one would have to go out in the blowing snow to find sustenance.

Several dancers spent the night at the Marriott hotel down the street to avoid the stress of figuring out transportation, and a number of intrepid types have been walking in from various parts of the city.

The space heater in my dressing room has been really handy for thawing out my frozen toes.

Linda Besant, our "Dance Talks" presenter, historian, and on-stage Grandma, has been cross-country skiing her way from the SE to the theater.

We're thrilled and gratified by how appreciative the audiences who have been able to make it are. It's an immense help. I won't lie--- spirits around here are flagging a bit. This has been a hard run, and being this close to the end is no comfort because there are still performances to do. It's not over 'til it's over! If you're out there in the audience, thank you for coming, and if you can't make it, we'll see you in the new year.


  1. I'm so impressed by your intrepitude!! My 7-year old daughter and are coming to tomorrow's 2pm performance, and we are planning on cheering as loudly as we can to help raise those flagging spirits :). Thank you sooooooo much!!
    xoxoxo pat and nora

  2. i was lucky--i only live 7 blocks
    from Keller so was able to not only
    trot thru the snow to see y'all
    kick ass on the 21st--
    i also hauled it so i could see you Xmas eve as well!!

    i got bit by the Nutcracker bug this year
    big-time--never been one for
    the more "cultured" events
    (big Tool/NIN fan)
    but am so glad i stepped
    out of my comfort zone.

    Artur's performances really
    made it worthwhile.
    he is AMAZING!!
    and a truly gracious partner.

    i adored all the wee younguns--
    so talented.
    so cute!

    especially the little angels.

    you all impressed the hell out of me--
    i admit i teared up with pride
    so many times during both shows.

    thank you for winning over
    a new hardcore ballet fan!!