Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Fallen Snow Flake

'Tis the season for injuries...

The cold weather, the long rehearsals, being on stage, and many other factors come into play during Nutcracker season... And it always seems that someone goes down and is injured for the Nut run...

Luckily grace's injury is healing very well and she's dancing strong and looking beautiful as usual...

I wish I could say the same for myself... :(

In Alaska I strained my calf pretty badly and though it's not debilitating it's REALLY uncomfortable and extremely frustrating...Christopher and Lisa have been really great about making sure I'm ok and I'm not hurting myself any worse than I already have...

This means I'm not dancing as much as I would like to be... Granted I'm still in every show, but only dancing a third of the roles I've been rehearsing... Ansa has been a great sport and has stepped into my spot for snow scene for half of the performances... And apprentice Ashley Smith has taken over my Waltz of the Flowers spot... So I'll be doing Marzipan in every show, snow in half and no more doll :(

Enough of my whining!! Other than my mini soap opera Nutcracker is running smoothly and the audiences have been responding very well!! All of our reviews have been a little ruff on our costumes and sets, but they have said great things about the dancing... And in reality that's all that matters :)

Hope everyone has a happy holiday :)



  1. Wow, I've seen you dance all three of those roles, and I sure couldn't tell you were injured. What a trooper!

    P.S. To be honest, the costumes and sets are a little rough, themselves. :) Fortunately, the dancing more than makes up for them.

  2. I am sorry about your calf. It is very frustrating to deal with all the peripheral injuries that seem to happen on the way back from a big injury. But you will get back to 100%.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Hang in there!