Friday, December 12, 2008

Opening Night, Part 2

We had one last Act 2 runthrough this afternoon on stage, and are now fully ready for the kick-off performance of our Portland Nutcracker run. Many dancers are going into new roles over the next week and a half, so the past few days have been a jigsaw puzzle of scheduling rehearsal time so everyone gets a crack at it on stage before their first show. (Once the run begins, although we can still request rehearsals onstage in a small window of time after class, there are no more opportunities to rehearse in the set, with lights). But now I think everyone is prepared and ready to go!

The sense at the theater is that we're ready to get this show opened, especially since we've already got six performances under our collective belt from our stint in Anchorage a couple of weeks ago. It's wonderful and warm to be back in our home theater, with the home crowd and our own orchestra out there supporting us. Enjoy the shows, everyone!


  1. Gavin, after Saturday night's performance, we have visions of Sugar Plum dancing in our heads.


  2. Gavin, the Friday night opening performance was really amazing! I really enjoyed seeing you all dancing again and it's wonderful to see you back on stage again! :) Glad you appear to be healed and healthy again!