Monday, December 8, 2008

It Snows Every Night

Did everyone see today's Oregonian? There's a marvelous piece on the first page of the "How We Live" section about us! Grant Butler interviewed Olga, Danie, and Mia about the ins and outs of being a snowflake. They give a good insider's viewpoint of what it takes to make the snow scene work well, including the scoop about what the snow is really made of, the hazards of getting it dumped on you while you're trying to dance, and how a good corps de ballet functions like a well-practiced team.

I have to add that the music of the Waltz of the Snowflakes is one of my favorite parts of the whole ballet. The "bed ballet", which is when the Nutcracker Prince's life-sized bed magically glides all over the stage by itself while Marie sleeps on it, recovering from her terrifying fight with the Mouse King, is some of the most transcendent and inspiring music you'll ever hear. It always gets me revved up for Act 2 and excited to get out there and dance. And of course, watching those girls transform themselves from individual flurries of snow, gently falling from the sky, into a wild, powerful blizzard is an amazing sight whether you're watching from the wings or from out front!


  1. I am always glad to see The Oregonian pay attention to OBT. It was an interesting piece. I love "Snowflakes." When I was a child watching Nutcracker (Maria Tallchief was SPF - now that dates me)I assumed it was the dancers who were singing!

  2. I used to think the same thing, when I was a young naive 11 year old being a Polichinelle for the first time! My seasoned classmates quickly set me straight.

  3. I agree that the music is so hauntingly beautiful and dramatic during the scene as Marie's bed swirls about the stage, and then the tree grows...segueing to the dreamworld of the snowflakes and their furious yet fragile dance. As a child growing up in a snowy clime, the dancers did mirror the delicate yet frenzied pace of a fluttering storm. Still one of my favorite scenes from any ballet.