Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day Two: "Are you guys in a band?"

Soloist men's dressing room

Hello all,

Our second day in Alaska we headed over to the theater for our first day of rehearsals. We did two full run-throughs of the ballet with the children of Alaska Dance Theater. This rehearsal time also provided an opportunity for costumes to be worn for those new to their roles. Steven will be debuting as Uncle Drosselmeier on Sunday afternoon's performance here in Alaska and he donned his costume (partially) for the rehearsal. There was a mix up with his character shoes, as someone brought his tap shoes from Slaughter on 10th Avenue instead of his character shoes. But a screwdriver takes the taps right off. But it would've been entertaining for Drosselmeier to break into a litle soft-shoe in the middle of the party scene. Maybe next year.

Gavin, Steven and Javier, all prepped for the party scene. You can vaguely see Steven's taps.

The evening was topped off nicely with a trip to the Brewhouse, a restaurant just out the front door of our hotel. They have a seafood chowder to die for, and Raychel, Steven, Ian and I planned on eating there after the run-through this evening. After the fantastic chowder, we were heading towards the door when two men sitting in a booth stopped us. They said, "We've just got to ask: are you guys in a band?" "...No," we responded. One of the men said, "Oh, well, you just look so trendy and from-outta-town, so we thought that you must be a band." We then proceeded to tell them that we danced for Oregon Ballet Theatre, and that they come watch us dance this weekend. We exited the restaurant not know whether or not to feel flattered or confused.

When we returned to the hotel, we took our first "band" photo. Since our trip to the Brewhouse was centered around the seafood chowder, we named the band, "Trendy Chowder." Our first album drops around Christmas. (just kidding)

Steven, Adrian, Raychel, and Ian. We are: Trendy Chowder

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  1. I have all of Trendy Chowder's early records, though I thought they really fell off, especially after that last double album, "From New England to Manhattan".