Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alaska Bound

Hi all,

As you can see, I'm in the beginning stages of packing for our venture north to Alaska. Thought I'd give you a peak in my bag to glimpse a couple necessities of the traveling dancer.

1. Theraputic tools: blue foam roller (for rolling out muscles), softball (also for rolling out muscles), and foot massage ball.

2. Dance gear: my arsenal of tights and t-shirts will be making the trip north with me. I sweat through a few shirts a day so always try to keep some fresh ones on hand.

3. My Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers duffel bag that I keep my stage make up in. I used this bag as a backpack in first grade but then it later became my make up bag. It has the words, "Adrian Fry, Party Scene" written all over it because the first Nutcracker I was in required that all children turn in our makeup so it could be checked; we were to write our name on it as well as what part of Nutcracker we were in.

4. Holiday flavored Clif Bars. They released a seasonal flavor, Iced Gingerbread, that's exceptional.

5. My performance shoes. I have several pairs of shoes for the show, as I'm rotating four roles this year. I'll be the Host in the Party Scene, The Rat King, The lead Spanish, and Cavalier.

Well, I better get packing. We leave tomorrow morning at 6! Steven and I will be blogging about the tour like we did at the Kennedy Center. Hope you will come along with us as we brave the last frontier together.


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  1. Hm. My suitcase could eat yours for dinner. :D