Saturday, September 13, 2008

"The Red Boots"?

The women in the czardas dance in the third act of Swan Lake wear these red boots. Just like the practice tutus, you've got to wear them for rehearsals because dancing in boots is NOTHING like any other footwear. At least none that we are used to. Before the first czardas rehearsal the other day, Kathy brought them up from wardrobe so the girls could each find a pair that fit. They're notoriously hard to get on. Here's Lana, one of our apprentices, trying to sqeeze into a pair while Kathy looks on:


  1. Not just the women, the men too! I have very fond memories of my red Czardas boots. I would sometimes plan my rehearsal outfit around the fact that I would be wearing them!

  2. Me, too! :)
    Not even sometimes.... ALL the time! It's hard to feel stylish in those things.