Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello from a new OBT Dancer

Hello all ballet lovers...

I'm Raychel Diane Weiner and I am one OBT's newest hires. I am so excited to be here in Oregon and to be joining the OBT family. Coming here I was nervous and excited!! Nervous because I have to dance in the same room as some of the most talented dancers I've seen, and excited for that very same reason. As soon as I stepped foot into the studios I felt at home. All of the dancers were more than welcoming, as well as the entire staff. Even though it's only been three weeks I already feel as though I have made friendships that will last forever.

I have never had the opportunity to dance the ballet Swan Lake, so rehearsing for our October performance of the ballet has been a lot of fun! AND EXHAUSTING!!

I found it hard today to keep focused, because I was distracted by Alison, Yuka and Kathi looking absolutely phenominal dancing the role of Odette. Not to mention Artur and Ronnie doing an amazing job making sure that the ladies were presented as the beautiful swans they are.

I am extremely proud to say that I dance for the Oregon Ballet Theater, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you bloggers :)

Ray Ray


  1. Raychel! Saw your blog and wanted to say hello. Sounds like things are going great for you!

    xoxo - Stephanie Colby

  2. Welcome to OBT Raychel! I look forward to seeing your dance with OBT. As a season ticket holder, I have the joy of looking forward to many performances through out the year. It helps get through the wet weather of fall and winter to know I'll get to see beautiful dancers!