Thursday, May 29, 2008

top ten

Mia recently asked me if I had seen the Late Show with David Letterman years ago when artists from the New York City Ballet aided Dave in the delivery of his famous Top Ten List. I hadn’t seen the episode, but I was able to find the list in the Late Show archives. It’s from April 8, 1996.

The Top Ten Things a Ballerina Would Never Say:

10) You gonna finish those cheese fries?

9) I can’t get the chewing tobacco stains out of my unitard

8) I’m loopy from all the spinning

7) My dream is to do a ballet version of “Smokey and the Bandit”

6) Baseball players can scratch themselves. Why can’t we?

5) I don’t know which I love more – “Swan Lake” or “Ricki Lake

4) When I have to jump really high, I pretend there’s a ferret biting me in the butt

3) I love the Quizstar 5000!

2) Hey girls – let’s go beat the heck out of some opera singers

1) I’ll have what Rush is having

Some of these are rather dated, but enjoyable still.


  1. I forgot about the chewing tobacco stains in the unitard! Classic. It might have been a male dancer delivering that line, but I think it would gain poignancy if, say, Darci Kistler threw that one out.

  2. Great! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you all could do an updated list. If you do, let me know & I'm sure I can post it somewhere or use it in a dance screenplay I've written.

  3. That's a great idea. I'll talk to the troops and see if we can compile a more dated list.