Friday, May 30, 2008

One week til opening

The cast of Rubies

Hey all,

I've been keeping my camera in my bag with me so I can capture the last week of rehearsals leading up to our June performance. Here are some of my favorite shots from today's Rubies rehearsal.

Candace Bouchard as the soloist woman
Daniela Deloe doing some highlights of Rubies

As for me, I'm heading to Seattle for the weekend with Steven Houser and my roommate. We're planning on seeing PNB's All Robbins Program tomorrow where they perform Fancy Free, In the Night, and The Concert. OBT has performed In the Night and The Concert before, and we are reprising The Concert next season. I'm excited to see another company perform it.

Until Monday,

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  1. Hey! It's Lauren Anderson! My dad and grandad are seeing the performance as well. Tell me how it is! That would be funny if ya'll sat near each other or something coincidental like that...

    p.s. Great pics!