Sunday, April 13, 2008

Someone's going to Bali! In the photo below, the lucky bidder is about to leap out of her seat in glee.

Live auctions are fun to watch. I was in the back of the house so I could see all the hands fly up when the bidding got fierce. I think it's interesting that the hottest item was a $100 "sponsorship" of each of the 48 Circus Polka girls--- more than 48 people stepped up for that one, which was instigated by one of the little girls herself, calling out a ten dollar bid when the auctioneer opened the floor and asked for donations of any amount. Look at all those cards raised in the air...

We were treated to a preview of Slaughter on 10th Avenue and another rambunctious performance of Circus Polka, and then dispersed to our assigned tables for dinner. Lucas "Ringmaster" Threefoot made the rounds with some of his elephants to say hello to everyone. He swept me off my feet... there was nothing I could do!

I shared a table with two of OBT's favorite friends, Jackie Schumacher and Kathy Zeller. Kathy won the unofficial prize for best flapper costume. And she made her headpiece herself!

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