Monday, April 14, 2008

Here are some photos from a studio runthrough of Slaughter last week.
It's hilarious what happens to us when we get to put on funny outfits... everyone becomes a ham. Adrian is one of the cops:

The nice thing about character shoes is that they take the pressure off your heels, which is one reason why it gets uncomfortable standing around in pointe shoes all day. The bad thing is that all your weight is on the balls of your feet, which causes a different kind of ouch. Since your weight is shifted and your body is lined up differently, everything feels physically off-kilter. Soreness and tightness happen in unusual places, like hamstrings and lower backs (well, maybe that's not so unusual). Squatting in character shoes is one of the more comfortable ways to hang out:

Ronnie could get away with murder in this number:

The company has the day off today, after a busy weekend of the school performances and the gala event. The next few days will be spent doing tech and dress rehearsals at the theater before opening on Friday. It's time to shift into a higher gear and get into performance mode.

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