Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goodbye to Seoul

The last performance of our run here in Seoul was yesterday afternoon, so we are officially done with our engagment here and are about to head back home to Portland. What an incredible experience this has been. From the sights and sounds of a foreign city to the culture, food, currency and most importantly, the people we've met and worked with, this journey is one that none of us will forget quickly. I think this tour has been exciting and a huge success on many levels for many people, not only for us at OBT. Maybe we'll be back someday to continue to build upon this bridge that has been forged.

Goodbye for now, Seoul Arts Center!


  1. Gavin!! I'm nari.:)
    How are you? i'm gloomy beacause you are not in here.
    I miss you!

  2. Oh, Nari! I miss you all, too. I am in New York right now and went to Korea Town today! I felt like I was back in Seoul, which made me miss you more. I hope to come back someday soon....