Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three Left

We made it through the toughest week we've had in ages. Last week was a marathon of stage and dress rehearsals, finishing up with six performances in four days. With so few dancers doing so many ballets, everyone was worked just about to their limit. The rejoicing and satisfaction at the end of Sunday evening's show was exuberant and fun!
Now, after one short day off, we're back at the theater doing school matinees all week before doing our last three regular performances this weekend.

On a personal note, I'm conflicted between craving the satisfaction of having created a successful run of performances and not wanting it to be over. It's nearly impossible to think about this being in the past when I am so focused on what I need and want to do with each dancing day today. I'm expecting to wake up next week and wonder if my whole life so far has been a dream!


  1. It has been, Gavin--a dream for all of us who've had the good fortune to see you dance.

    Thanks for every moment of it!

    I for one am looking forward to the next installment...

    P.S. (^:3
    ("smiley face with extra-high eyebrows")

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