Sunday, January 31, 2010

Around the studio and theater, we are rarely without our water bottles. Most everyone has their own, and since they are such an indispensible accesory (and now are available in so many unique shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns) we could probably identify everyone's bottle if a "match the canteen to the dancer" contest were held.

Lately, Kleen Kanteen has become the bottle of choice. I noticed that Adrian and I had matching green ones-- his in a large grandaddy size to my little kid size. We set up a family portrait with another related pair the other day (Grace's is the one with the nifty sport top):

Soon, other drinking vessels in the room got interested and wanted their picture taken, too:

And since we were on a five minute break during rehearsal, snacks were present and sauntered over to add texture to our still life:

Hey, hands off my sandwich!!


  1. So what does Kleen Kanteen have over Sigg?

    Just curious at how Sigg could have been pushed out so quickly :-)

  2. Not sure what Kleen's got over Sigg, John, aside from that thing about the insides of Siggs being hazardous! (Though I think they changed their materials and all is now fine).