Sunday, December 27, 2009

Overheard, Part 2

More memorable one-liners:

Adrian to Mia, after bowing as the lead Spanish couple: "I think that was my best bow ever!"

One little angel, after asking who the Sugarplum Fairy was and being told it was Alison Roper: "Who's that?" Another angel replied, "It's John Alan's mom..."
(Alison's son John Alan is a Level 1 student in the school).

And yet another personal favorite: Candace, dashing from the wings towards the direction of her dressing room, moments before the snow scene was to begin: "I forgot to put on my trunks!!!!!"


  1. Oh, my! That would've totally beaten another dancer's recently forgotten arm bands!

  2. Oh, forgotten armbands are pretty commonplace! It's surpisingly easy to forget certain parts of a costume-- like headpiece, earrings, underwear... Especially as the run goes on and we get pretty relaxed.
    My favorite is when people forget to take things OFF before going onstage-- like their watch, for example, which I've seen happen more than once!

  3. Pardon the pun, but a wristwatch in the Nutcracker really would be an anachronism.


  4. True...
    The wristwatch incident I witnessed happened in Carmina Burana, though.