Sunday, August 16, 2009

OBT Summer Camp

We all had a great time on Friday at what felt a little like OBT day camp. We packed up all our gear, trekked up to the park and spent the day amongst the trees, dancing under a stubbornly gray sky and using a tent as home base. The show went very well and I think everyone felt the glorious freedom that comes from dancing outside.

Here are Christopher and Linda watching the dancers rehearse Just:

And this is the view from "backstage" as everyone warmed up before the rehearsal:

Adrian rolls out his IT band:

When Steven said "come one, come all", I don't think any of us expected so many people to take him up on the invitation. The amphitheater was packed. All the green spaces you can see in the photo above were filled with people and picnic blankets. It was estimated that there were 3000 people there! Being able to watch the audience watch us as we perform isn't something that happens very often, and I find that it makes for a totally different performance experience. It's more casual, yes, but also slightly more nervewracking in that the potential for distraction and loss of focus is pretty high. I'll take that chance, though, for the fun of seeing all the little children dancing about at the foot of the stage!

Performing with the musicians of the Portland Cello Project was a wonderful thing, too. Live music always takes a performance to new heights. Let's hope we can all do this again next summer!


  1. Good Summer camp.....

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  2. The dancers must feel so free with the fresh air and breeze dancing around them!