Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carol Rich in The Concert

Here is the "fly on the wall" (or in the wings) view of Carol Rich during The Concert on Sunday afternoon. First, during the hat scene, with Steven and Adrian's incomparable facial expressions as Alison tries on one hat after another:

And the fabulously wrong Mistake Waltz:

As many times as I've watch this ballet, I never stop laughing my head off at the characters that emerge from my fellow dancers. We're all hams at heart, which is why we love to perform, and a ballet like this gives the dancers a rare opportunity to really play to the audience in a totally different way.
Sunday matinee feels like a very long time ago already. We took a couple of days off and then hit the studio again to prepare for the big events of tomorrow. It's going to be a very exciting, jam-packed day of high octane dancing and emotional resonance. I've spoken with many people in the Portland community who expressed their support and admiration for what we are doing. Hearing that gives me a wonderful sense that this city will not let their company go away. I think we'll get an outpouring of enthusiasm tomorrow night from our amazing, loyal, passionate fans in the audience of Dance United!

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  1. I hope everyone appreciates what a superb musician Carol Rich is, both as a performer and a teacher.

    As for Dance United, this is beyond merde. Your're going to make it. Go OBT!