Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Daniela and Mia Saved Waltz of the Flowers

'Twas the first show in Anchorage, and things were just swell,
as far as the dancers and audience could tell.
The ribbons were tied, the hair was pinned neatly,
the boys fine and noble, the girls smiling sweetly.

Act I had wrapped up; Act II underway,
but something was wrong.  Something was astray.
With a hustle and bustle people started to stir,
"Grace twisted her ankle!  Oh, how to help her!"

I'm sad to admit that indeed it was true,
Miss Shibley's poor ankle was swollen and blue.
She was to dance demi-flower, a strenuous role,
but the injury wouldn't let her.  It was taking its toll.

So how to save Flowers?  Whatever to do?
Act II barreled on, and time quickly flew.
With Mother Ginger onstage and Flowers advancing,
Danie threw on her pointe shoes, bracing herself for some dancing.

Brennan rustled Mia from stretching her side,
"You must do the other demi!" Mia's eyes grew quite wide.
"The other side?  Well I'll try, for better or worse,"
for this was a part that she didn't rehearse.

So Danie and Mia both ran onstage,
Danie without makeup, Mia's mind in a rage.
And although they were flustered and slightly alarmed,
no steps were amiss.  The ballet went unharmed.

With laughter and smiles they embraced and sighed,
"Oh what a relief!  That was quite a ride!"
Good thing Mia's mind worked and Danie was there
to fill in when Grace gave us all quite a scare.

So now we all hope that dear Grace mends quite quickly,
as the Alaskan winds blow and the white snow falls thickly.
If there's a lesson to be learned from the poem that I've shared,
it is certainly this: Always be prepared!


  1. This is real thinking on your feet writing, Mia! (Or is it thinking on pointe?) Glad it went well.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry about Grace's ankle! I hope it mends quickly.

    I'm glad you saved the performance!