Sunday, October 5, 2008

One Week to Go

We've reached the home stretch. Swan Lake opens in less than a week now, and rehearsals have come to the point of running each act in its entirety. I think we're in good shape-- things are going smoothly and the mood is a balance of excitement and confidence.

We will spend Monday and Tuesday rehearsing at the studios before moving to tech and dress rehearsals at the theater on Wednesday. I dragged out my theater case from the closet and opened it up for the first time since last March. Found a couple of leotards I'd been missing... and was confronted with the memories of that last day I spent at the theater when I packed it up. That was not a happy day for me, and the thought of zipping up that case and heading back to my dressing room is almost unbelievable. The passage of time, and the changes and events that transpire, are hard for me to grasp now that I'm sitting on the far side of it looking back.

There were plenty of times over the past six months when I could not imagine ever packing up that suitcase and needing my stage makeup again, but here it is. I'm chomping at the bit to get back on stage and do my thing. That'll be a wonderful way to erase the gloom of that day last March.

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  1. Oh Gavin, I can't tell you how excited I am to see you dance again as well as the entire team of OBT up on stage. What a wonderful way to ring in Fall for me... to see such a lovely performance. I wish you and everyone there the very best