Sunday, September 7, 2008


Major kudos are in order to the intrepid dancers who performed yesterday at Riverfest's South Waterfront Day. The apprentices and advanced students danced the ballet David Justin completed a couple of weeks ago during OBT Exposed, and then Alison and Artur performed a pas de deux from Swan Lake. They all looked very impressive despite contending with a tiny stage and the blazing sun directly in their eyes. Afterwards, Damara taught a little class to any kids in the audience who were brave enough to come up on stage. That must have been thrilling to them--- I can imagine myself being unrestrainable if I had had that opportunity when I was seven or eight!

I don't have any photos, but maybe someone else who was there and took some can send them my way so we can share with everyone else??

In other news, Swan Lake is starting to slowly take shape. There are skeletal bits of sections coming together so far, such as the swan corps in Acts 2 and 4, and the Act 1 dances for the peasants and the pas de trois. There's an amazing amount of choreography to teach, learn, and clean up. Throw into that the fact that it's pretty much all extremely demanding material for literally every role in the ballet, and you're looking at a bunch of people getting whipped into shape, fast!

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