Sunday, June 1, 2008

Setting the Scene

We did some site-scouting while Yuka was having her hair and makeup done. Ansa stood in for Yuka so Alicia could test some angles and light and we could experiment with possible poses.

Yuka/Venus emerges from the sea/car.
Final makeup touch-ups (the plastic bag dress is on the corner of the blanket):
Ansa does stand-in duty again, so Yuka can stay warm while Alicia keeps testing lights and angles.
We ended up putting a flat piece of wood under a layer of sand so Yuka could actually stand on pointe. Standing on pointe in wet sand doesn't work too well, we discovered.
There was a pronounced sense of urgency to get this shoot done quickly due to the fading light, rising waters, and cold. Teamwork is crucial in situations like this one, and everyone pulled together to make it happen despite the obstacles.

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