Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Month Anniversary

Another couple of milestone events in the unfolding Story of My Ankle:

  • Wednesday marked 9 weeks since the injury occured. We don't often think about what happens in our lives during a period of nine weeks, when everything's normal and we're going about our usual business, but this experience has made me look much, much more closely at the day-to-day passage of time. Not to get all philosophical, but it's worth it to consider that there's no way to slow time down better than to observe it every day.
  • Wednesday was also the first day in nine weeks that I wore two normal shoes outside! I'd been going around the house boot-less for a week or so, but stepping outdoors in two regular shoes felt as free as my first foray out without crutches did. My friends know that since I discovered clogs two years ago I have hardly worn any other type of shoe-- I quite literally have worn my clogs virtually every single day--- so it was kind of funny to me that there was a coating of dust all over my poor ignored right clog.
  • And finally, today marks 8 weeks since I had surgery. I want to say I've come full circle back to where I started, but am not even close to that. But at least I'm walking and starting to get my calf back.

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  1. WAY TO GO GAVIN!!!! That's wonderful that you're able to wear your shoes... well clogs now! In no time I'll be excited to see you dancing again too! :)